Once got an accreditation!

As I wrote before, I take all my photos without accreditation. This is not something I complain about, because of course sometimes I wish I had it. However, I always ask myself what I do with them other than put them on this website. The answer is really nothing. I don’t do commissioned work for magazines or other media, and I don’t sell my photos online. Of course, if you want to buy a photo, you can always contact me. That’s why I think it’s better to let the real pros who actually make a living do the work. And let this attic artist search for creativity along the way.

Pizzonia Brasil Pitlane Zolder

But there was one time when I was accredited. That was for the Superleague Formula at the Zolder circuit in Belgium. My employer at the time had a car competing in the Dutch Supercar Challenge, which was the supporting program for that race. Since the company was the main sponsor of his car, I was asked if I could take pictures of it. So I got an accreditation and was also lucky enough to have a great main program. My pictures were also used for our magazine and later my pictures of the DTM (without accreditation) were also published in the magazine. So I will not deny that the low views, the freedom and the action close to the track made me want more. If you can combine this with your work, it is also a lot of fun. However, I still believe that the true professionals should not suffer at the hands of the amateur photographers.

Superleague Formula 48

During the 24 Hours of Le Mans, I was also on the grid at the start of the race and walked through the pit lane several times during the race. I never got further than that, so I never bothered to apply for accreditation. At many tracks, with a little creativity and skill, you can get very far without one. Although this is getting more and more difficult due to the FIA safety regulations with the double fences.

For my current employer I also take care of the photography, for which I have completed a course at the school of photography. This way I can also enjoy photography, although in a different area from where my real passion lies, motor racing. Fortunately, I like several aspects of photography, which allows me to develop more in this area and use this knowledge on and around the track.

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