What is boudoir photography?

The meaning of boudoir literally means a lady in her private bedroom or dressing room. A boudoir photo shoot captures the beauty of the human body. Curves are used correctly to make every body (regardless of body type) look amazing. Because let’s face it, every body is beautiful, right?

A boudoir photo shoot is a type of portrait session designed to capture intimate, romantic and sensual images of a person, usually a woman. Boudoir photo shoots are often conducted in a private or semi-private setting, such as a bedroom or hotel room, and may involve the use of lingerie, intimate apparel, or other revealing clothing.

Marloes Posing Naked Covered By A Sheet Hand Between Legs

Why do we do boudoir photography?

By assuming certain poses, natural contours come out beautifully. And with clothing, makeup and lighting, an atmosphere is created in which everyone looks beautiful. It is not about sexuality, but about sensuality. Taking a boudoir photo can give a woman a huge boost in confidence.

It is also a wonderful day of pampering for yourself. You are completely occupied with yourself, with your femininity, with being aware of your body. You may feel a threshold to take this step. Afterwards it is an enormous thrill to look back on it, because you did it anyway. The photos can be a daily reminder.

How to feel comfortable during a boudoir photo shoot

A boudoir photo shoot can be exciting, especially if you’ve never had one before. But it is important to feel comfortable during the photo shoot so that you can take natural, beautiful photos that you can treasure forever.

It is important to choose a photographer you trust and feel comfortable with. Find someone with whom you can communicate easily and who will put you at ease during the photo shoot. Before you go to the photo shoot, it is a good idea to discuss with your photographer what you will and will not do during the photo shoot. This way, you can be sure that you will be comfortable during the photo shoot.

Don’t worry about how you look

You don’t have to be perfect to get beautiful boudoir photos. The photographer will use professional lighting and makeup to make sure you look your best. So don’t worry about small imperfections and focus on enjoying the photo shoot.

Feel free to experiment

Boudoir photography is meant to let you shine and show who you are. So feel free to experiment with different poses, styles, and accessories to see what works best for you.

Remember that you are the boss

Finally, it is important to remember that you are the boss during the photo shoot. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, let your photographer know and take a break if you need to.

Model Suzanne Poses On Bed In Purple Lingerie Under Transparent Curtain

How do you prepare for a boudoir photo shoot?

Preparing for such a photo shoot can be a bit exciting, especially if you have never participated in something like this before. Fortunately, there are a few things you can take into consideration to ensure that you are fully prepared for the day of the photo shoot. Below are a few tips on how to prepare for a boudoir photo shoot so you can enjoy the experience and get beautiful photos that you can be proud to share.

Bring a wide variety of outfits and accessories

Boudoir photography often includes lingerie or other intimate apparel, but you can also bring other types of clothing and accessories to spice things up. Consider bringing items that reflect your personal style or have special interest to you.

Make sure you get enough rest

Make sure you get a good night’s sleep the night before the shoot to ensure you are well-rested and looking your best.

Arrive on time

Be sure to arrive at the appointed place and time to avoid delays and stress.

Practice poses in advance

If you are nervous about posing for boudoir photography, consider practicing some poses in advance. You can try standing in front of a mirror or using a camera timer to get an idea of what different poses look like. This can help you feel more comfortable and confident during the actual shoot.

Bring a wide variety of lingerie and intimate clothing

In addition to other types of clothing and accessories, consider bringing a range of lingerie and intimate apparel to the shoot. This gives you options and allows you to change things during the session.

Consider your makeup and hair

Think about how you want to do your makeup and hair for the shoot. You can opt for a natural, minimal look, or go for a more dramatic or glamorous style. Consider working with a makeup artist or stylist to achieve the results you want.

Tips for choosing the right lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot

Choosing the right lingerie for your boudoir photo shoot can be a challenge, as it requires finding the right balance between style, comfort and flattering shapes. But with the right preparations and a few simple tips, you can choose the perfect lingerie for your unique shapes and style.

Think about what you want to radiate

Do you want to be sensual and seductive, or elegant and dressed? Choosing lingerie that matches your personal style will make you feel comfortable during the photo shoot and produce natural, beautiful photos.

Use different fabrics and textures

Try different fabrics and textures, such as lace, satin, silk or soft cotton, to see what suits your skin and shape best.


One of my favorites is the body. A piece of clothing that women don’t often have in their closet, as you don’t often wear it underneath anything. They come in all kinds of beautiful colors and shapes, making the range endless and less similar than, for example, a bra set. In addition, with a body you can ensure that certain parts of your body attract less attention.

A male boudoir photographer

The vast majority of boudoir photographers are women. As a man, I notice that there are many ladies who do not want to hire a male photographer. They feel more comfortable approaching a woman, because it is an intimate photo session. In addition, there may be the fear of ending up with an amateur who is doing it for the wrong reasons, or even ending up in a dangerous situation with some creep. For that reason, it is indeed important to carefully investigate in advance who you are dealing with (male or female). Furthermore, it remains a matter of feeling, I understand that. Still, I think it’s a shame that this negative feeling often dominates. You could actually argue that a man is more interested in capturing your femininity as attractively as possible.